Emanuel Setio Dewo:

Ingin memenangkan hadiah senilai $1,000? Ikutan Raspberry Pi Design Contest ya!

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One year after its release, the Raspberry Pi is proving to be an extremely versatile, capable platform for prototyping and building out projects. From cat feeders to garage door openers to media centers, the Pi is providing solutions all around the home. It’s also popular as an educational and retro-gaming platform.

RPiDC_MCM-buttonNow’s your chance to turn the $35 you spent on your Pi model B (or the $25 invested in your model A) into a prize pack worth over $1,000. Our first ever Raspberry Pi Design Contest will award five makers with a prize pack, courtesy MCM Electronics, that includes a USB digital multimeter, a DC power supply, a digital soldering iron, a Gertboard expansion board, a Pi Face, a Pi View HDMI to VGA adapter, a Wi-Pi wireless adapter, and a Raspberry Pi iron-on skill badge. One of the five winners will also receive a Printrbot Jr. 3D…

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